With 200 ml of a HairCoat, how many Kgs of hair can be treated/processed ?
3 ml (or 3
gr) is to be used for treating 1 Kg of human hair (10 pcs of 100 gr hair extensions).
With 200 grams (200 ml) of a HairCoat, we can treat 66.6 Kgs of Human Hair.
With 1 Kg of a HairCoat, we can have 333 Kgs of Human Hair treated by dipping.

Using US$0.30 ~ US$1.00 worth of Hair Coat, Hundreds of dollars worth of a human hair wig or 10 pcs(1 Kg) of hair extensions will be improved permanently (for months) silky, soft, vivid, non-tangled.

10 Kgs (10,000 gr) of Human Hair can be treated with 60 gr mixed with 30 Liters of water - 0.2% solution
by DIPPING method or SINKING method .

All the HUMAN HAIRS (strands of hair) of Extensions, Wefts, Wigs, Toupees, etc must become worn out or damaged to become rough, tangled, weakened, rough, dry, matted, frizzy by brushing, drying, ironing, coloring,hair rubbing while sleeping, etc whether or not they were originally produced with good quality of (Remy) Human Hair in China, India, Russia, etc.

The effect (specially, of CW7882-SEV) lasts for some months or
after dozens of washes.
Features Our HairCoat(s) is made of top-notch cosmetic raw materials that are not harmful to the environment and to the human body.
STORAGE Please keep the HairCoat in the shadow (no sun light) and at a cool place (5 ~15กษ) just like the general storage way for most of chemicals, medicines, and vegetables.

Empirically, there has been no problem with quality even when stored at room temperature of 25กษ.
SHELF LIFE More than 2 years
PACKAGE UNIT We put/pack 200 gr as the maximum in a bottles. Meanwhile, for safety in shipping, we (can) make bulky package with a strong plastic container in 100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter, 5 liters, or 10 Liters for 10 Kgs.
APPLICATION How to apply the HairCoat Conditioners ==>3 WAYS : Soaking, Dipping & Squeezing, Rubbing(Tapping)
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