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<> CW7881-SoSi
(Or, CW7881-SoSilk)

"SoSi" means Soft+ Silky.

CW7881-SoSi is the same as CW7882-SEV with the below 3 different effects.
(1) More softness (Smoothness) than CW7882-SEV
(2) Less Silky Feel& Less Silky Look than CW7882-SEV
(3) Less Keepup (lasting time) of coating effect than CW7882-SEV

<> CW7882-SEV
-The best selling HairCoat
- Silky Look & Silky Feel

( Smooth & Glossy Look & Touch (Feel), Sleek & Silky, TangleOff )
- used in making permanently Fibers and specially Human Hairs FEEL & LOOK SILKY, SMOOTH & GLOSSY,VIVID, and Tangle Free

This CW7882-SEV has (contains) to some extent the effects of the other HairCoats such as CW7885-RST, CW7887-WES, CW7888-SHN, CW7889-EmC, and CW7899-FR.


<> CW7885-RST
-The 2nd best seller
- Good for Damaged hair and Weakened hair

- No Silky (Glossy) Look
- a Little Sheen, a little Silkness), but Soft Look & Feel

( Restoration & TangleOff )
CW7885-RST works for the same as CW7882-SEV does with 3 different effects.

(1) Restoration Effect:
& EFFICACIOUS in making permanently hair, specially Damaged hair or Weakened hair Restored, Resilient with restoring force,Vibrant, Soft, and Tangle-Free; specially good and workable on Indian Hair which is thinnest, weakest, easy to be weakened,d damaged, specially when bleached & dyed with strong chemicals to become light colors such as #22, #24, #26, #613, #60.

(2) CW7885-RST does make hair look less Glossy(Sleek) than CW7882-SEV. but more Glossy(Sleek) than CW7889-EmC.

(3) CW7885-RST makes
Curl shape-Retentivity (retaining power)

- CW7885-RST can be mixed with CW7882-SEV or/and CW7881-SoSi in usage for all effects of all of our John-HairCoats.

<> CW7888-SHN

( High Sheen & TangleOff )
CW7888-SHN is the same as CW7882-SEV with 1 main different effect; High Sheen
(1) CW7888-SHN makes High Sheen, Gloss, Soothness.

<> CW7889-EmC
(Old Code: CW7889-TP)

Em = Emollient
C = Curl


CW7889-EmC makes human hair look & feel MOIST and VERY SOFT, and become Vibrant/Bouncy/Springy/Tangle-free, but little SHEENY.

CW7889-EmC is almost the same as CW7882-SEV with 3 different effects; (1)
more Softness & Moisture Look & Feel than CW7882-SEV (2) No Sheen ( a very little bit of Sheen/Gloss, least amount of Sheen among all HairCoats), and (3) Curl shape-Retentivity (retaining power) than CW7882-SEV, but less than CW7885-RST

- Suitable for Men's Toupees in need of little Sheen ( or Gloss), Synthetic fiber as well as Human Hair extensions and Wigs
<> CW7892-FR-GN

( for Fiber )
- used in making permanently Synthetic Fibers feel Human Hair-like, Silky, Soft and Tangle-Free
- We recommend this HairCoat in case you do not know what material of synthetic hair-pieces you have.
<> CW7895-FR-KK ( for K/K Fiber )
- used in making permanently Synthetic Fibers feel Human Hair-like, Silky, Soft, and Tangle-Free
<> CW7899-FR-HR

( for Heat-resistant Fiber )
- used in making Synthetic Fibers bouncy, soft,
- used in making Synthetic Fiber
feel Human Hair-like, Silky, Soft and Tangle-Free

99.99% of Hair goods you can see or buy in any country were treated with Wig Oils and Silicone based industrial Oils for making Hair look ( feel) Silky, Soft, Wet, or Healthy.

But the Wig oils must come off, or be washed off just after 1 time of washing, or a few times of washing
from Hairs just like lady's make-up on face.

What is more, any of the Wig Oils does not make damaged Hair restored.
But, our Permanent HairCoats are effective for a very long time because our Permanent Hair Coats get Ionic-Bonded onto Human Hair and Fiber to be one body.

In some seconds after you have Hairs wet with the HairCoat conditioner (solution, mixture) by spraying, the treatment ( permanent hair coating) is done, and right after then, you can do washing, shampoo, rinse, perming, etc.

The hair coating effects (Silky Look, Wet Look, Un-tangling, Damage-off, etc) last for about 3 ~ 6 months, or after dozen times of washing.
<> PACKAGE UNIT The above 6 bottles in the image are for 200 ml ( or grams)/pc. Meanwhile, for Safety in shipping, we (can) make bulky package with a strong plastic container up to 10 Liters ( Kgs).
<> APPLICATION How to apply the Hair Coat Conditioners > Please contact us.
Please keep the Haircoat in the shadow ( no sunshine) and at a cool place, 5 ~15 Degree C. just like the general storage way for most of chemicals, medicines, and vegetables

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